All together now presents: An Introduction to the Blues Workshop

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    Saturday, November 21, 2009

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    What: An Introduction to the Blues Workshop

    Where: All Together Now, 238 Kathleen St.

    When: Saturday, November 21, 1:00-4:00 pm

    Why: "The blues is a chair, not a design for a chair, or a better chair. It is the first chair." (John Lennon)

    Blues is the foundation of Western popular music, from Jazz and R&B to rock and roll and modern pop. It is a common language that brings musicians together and a powerful tool to unlock other musical doors. Understanding the blues can help your writing, your playing, your groove, your singing, your improvising, and your skills in other genres—and it's a lot of fun!

    The afternoon will be divided into both instruction and playing, as we explore origins, fundamental forms, rhythms, accompaniment, improvisation, vocals, and the classic songs that define the blues—all in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

    Vocalists and instrumentalists of all skill levels are welcome, though some knowledge of your instrument will be helpful. If you intend to bring amplification or drums, please inquire first so we can accommodate everyone's needs.

    How much: $45. Register online to avoid disappointment.

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