Enviropig™: Helpful or Harmful?

  • Date

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

  • What

    What is Enviropig™?
    Enviropig™ is a project of the University of Guelph that has genetically engineered pigs to produce more environmentally friendly waste, using DNA from a mouse.

    What is the event?
    Guests: University of Guelph (unconfirmed), Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Ontario Pork (unconfirmed) and the National Farmers Union.
    We are organizing this debate as an opportunity for students to educate themselves on Enviropig™ from the perspectives of the project’s supporters and opponents. The debate will also provide media and members of the wider Guelph community with an opportunity to join students in advancing a public discussion on animal biotechnology.

    The format for the debate is as follows: each representative will speak for ten minutes to state their position. Representatives will then be given five minutes each to respond before we open the floor for 40 minutes of questions from the audience. Each representative will be given a final five minutes to wrap up.

    Bring your questions!
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  • Where

    Peter Clark Hall, UC Basement, University of Guelph

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