Radical Relationships and Ethical Promiscuity

  • Date

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

  • What

    Workshop Overview
    A discussion-based workshop, the focus which is the concept of “promiscuity” as it applies to individuals and sexual relationships. This workshop will be inclusive of all orientations, genders, identities and preferences and is open to all members of the community.
    Traditional sexual health education efforts typically fail to address such concepts as promiscuity and safety in relationships between marginalized individuals. This workshop will address these issues and invite discussion amongst individuals within this growing community.

    Event Details
    This event will consist of two workshops, each of one hour in duration. The two workshops will address similar content, although they may differ depending on the discussion and input of the workshop participants.
    The workshop will be held on November 10th, 2010 , with a lunch-time session at 12:00 Noon and an evening session at 6:00PM. The workshop will be taking place at the OPIRG Office located at 1 Trent Lane (Next to Arts House).

    The facilitator for these workshops will be Candice Reich (see Facilitator Bio below).

    As well as the workshop, a display table will be set up with visual information regarding the workshop and presenter. In addition, a variety of sexual health and contraceptive related items will be present for participants to examine and learn about, if desired.

    Workshop Outline
    Each of the two workshop sessions will address the following content:
    The Concept of Promiscuity: an interactive discussion about how we as individuals, as well as members of various communities, define “promiscuity”

    *Attention will be paid to the way our environment and experiences help to shape our perspective
    *Breaking Down the Words: an overview and discussion of the language of promiscuity (led by Aundraya Rivera)
    *Pleasure: an examination of how pleasure plays a role in our views of promiscuity
    *An openness to pleasure and sexual experience can certainly impact how one views the sexual behaviours and experiences of oneself, as well as others
    *Possible discussion topics: Is promiscuity more acceptable when the encounters are pleasurable? Are sexual encounters more pleasurable when one experiences them within an array of relationships or with a variety of partners?
    *Also addressed in this area will be the importance of mutual pleasure and a brief discussion of safety and the risk of sexual assault
    *Specifically, we will address the concern that sexual assault is often viewed as something that is perpetrated by men, against women; this is often not the case and is something that needs to be discussed amongst all individuals

    Activity: an interactive and fun game designed to promote safer sexual practices; this activity brings awareness to the risks associated with sexual activity and the failure to take appropriate steps to protect oneself and partners.

    Facilitator Bio - Candice Reich
    As a University of Guelph Alumni, Candice discovered her passion for sexuality and sexual health while involved with the Wellness Centre’s “NAKED”. She has continued to enhance her knowledge and skills over the past several years. Candice recently developed and facilitated an extensive sexual health workshop at the Orillia Youth Resource and Drop-In Centre. Her workshops are discussion based and interactive, and offer a stimulating learning experience to participants.

  • Where

    1 Trent Lane
    University of Guelph
    (Next to Arts House and Behind Creelman Hall)

  • When

    Two Workshop Times: 12:00Noon and 6:00PM

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