What's it gonna take?

  • Date

    Saturday, January 22, 2011

  • What

    We’ll hear from young people who feel that their volunteer talents have been effectively used, and we’ll hear from Volunteer Managers who feel that their organization has been effective in welcoming the leadership and talents of young people. Afterward, we’d like to hear from participants in a World Café session, discussing what it would take to see young people actively involved in all sorts of community building.

    This workshop is part of SVC’s annual conference, “Do So Much Weekend”. The “Do So Much Weekend” will take place at the University of Guelph on January 21 – 23, 2011, and will be a 3-day event that ignites, educates, and challenges students to make an impact on the local community through positive social action. The weekend features innovative thoughts on modern issues, crucial skill development, community participation, party for good, and social networking with students, non-profit leaders, and engaged citizens.

  • Where

    University of Guelph, Science Complex Atrium

  • When

    Saturday January 22, 2011; 4:00pm-5:30pm

  • Why

    Because youth are an untapped wealth of skills, knowledge, creativity and inginuity that can help build community in amazing ways!

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