ReThink workshop: UofG Inc?: The Corporate Campus and Globalization

  • Date

    Friday, January 28, 2011

  • What

    Facilitators: Drew Garvie, Denise Martins, Erika Marteleira and Molly McManus

    The University of Guelph is currently engaged in a capital fund-raising project called the Better Planet Project (BPP). The University of Guelph administration has long touted our commitment to "internationalism" and "improving lives on this planet". One of the BPP's main goals is to attract corporate dollars to the University in the context of declining public funding. But how does corporatization affect our University? Are multi-national corporations really benevolent actors that want to contribute to your education? What does a corporate run campus look like? What research does it fund and why? Who are its "friends" and business partners? What role does the UofG really play
    internationally? Come to this workshop for a hard look on how the UofG contributes to marginalization abroad, but stay to learn what we can do as students to take the power back from the corporations and stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers internationally.

    The ReThink campaign was created to address these issues as they occur on our campus at the University of Guelph. The reality is that injustice, social inequality, violence, and bullying happen everywhere in the world and Guelph is not immune. Over the years, Guelph has become more and more diverse, and it is our responsibility to make sure that we are respectful of the beliefs, cultures, and experiences of all of our fellow students, peers, and workers.

  • Where

    CSA Boardroom (UC 273)

  • When

    Friday January 28, 2011

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