ASTRA Lecture Series Presents Karen Landman on Urban Agriculture: what's happening in North America?

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    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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    ASTRA Lecture Series Presents  Karen Landman on Urban Agriculture: what's happening in North America?

    Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from lower transportation distances; an increase in local economic activity; enhanced social relationships between producer and consumer; and waste recycling are some of the benefits that can accrue from urban agriculture.  The urban location of food production is an important distinguishing feature; however, it is the interaction with the social, economic and ecological systems of the immediate urban centre that fully separates urban agriculture from simply growing food in the urban environment.  Examples from across North America will illustrate the issues, benefits and constraints of this growing form of green infrastructure.

    Karen Landman is an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development at the University of Guelph.  Her background is varied, and includes horticulture, landscape architecture, rural planning and cultural geography.  Current interests can be conveniently collapsed into the 'greening' of our environment, from urban core, to the near-urban, to the rural landscape, and with a particular eye on community collaboration.  Karen recently undertook a 30,000 km road tour to investigate the urban agriculture momement in North America.

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    MacKinnon 020

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    Tuesday, February 1512:00

    Noon- 1:15 pm

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