The Human Library

  • Date

    March 3 - 4

  • What

    The purpose of a Human Library is to meet face-to-face with individuals who belong to groups that often face challenges or discrimination due to broad generalizations, stereotyping, misunderstanding and even marginalization.

    The Human Library is an opportunity for learning and personal development. It is a tool to foster understanding and bring people closer together in mutual and careful respect for the human dignity of the individual. It breaks down barriers, encourages open dialogue and fosters an inclusive environment.

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  • Where

    University of Guelph McLaughlin Library

  • When

    The Books can be reserved for 30 minute intervals between 10am and 4pm on March 3rd and 4th. There will be areas within the Library where the Book and Reader can sit and engage in an open dialogue, ask questions and learn about each other. You can renew the Book after 30 minutes (unless it's already been reserved), or take out another Book and continue to discover.

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