Animating the Indigenous Humanities: Portaging Disciplines, Institutions, Ecologies

  • Date

    Friday, March 25, 2011

  • What

    The TransCanada Institute presents a colloquium on indigenous humanities, featuring a panel and luncheon with the Indigenous Humanities Group, University of Saskatchewan. The group includes James Youngblood Henderson, Marie Battiste, Isobel Findlay and Len Findlay.

    In this presentation we will describe and demonstrate how in our Indigenous Humanities Group we work in transcultural and transystematic ways to nourish a new/old learning spirit into education at all "levels" and into every aspect of what is recognized, funded, and published as academic research.

    From its founding more than a decade ago, the IHG has aligned itself with critique of Eurocentrism and promotion of indigenous voice and vision. These two activities encourage decolonization in complementary ways, challenging established academic hierarchies, assumptions, practices, and outcomes, and seeking to implement forms of inquiry, dialogue, and exchange based in the adaptive traditions of the "teaching civilization" (Henderson) developed by the First Peoples of North America.

    We see our project as potentially of great benefit for the traditional humanities, but only if they admit to the causes of their current beleaguerment while opening themselves to more creative and more broadly beneficial collaboration across differences both residually colonial and brazenly neo-colonial.

  • Where

    TransCanada Institute, 9 University Ave.

  • When

    Friday, March 25

    11:00am - 1:30pm

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