The Great Big Crunch

  • Date

    Thursday, March 7, 2013

  • What

    On March 7th 2013, Toronto-based FoodShare is holding their annual, “The Great Big Crunch”. The event is a celebration of healthy eating and local food, where people come together for a synchronized bite into a fresh, crunchy local fruit or vegetable creating a massive Crunch sound.

  • Where

    In classrooms, gymnasiums, recreational facilities, homes, work places and communities across Canada, online...and beyond!
    AND For the 1st time, at the Guelph Community Health Centre Downtown!
    176 Wyndham St. N. Please arrive by 2:15pm, so we can ensure everyone has a fruit or veggie for the Crunch at 2:30pm sharp.

  • When

    The 2013 Great Big Crunch is Thursday, March 7 at 2:30pm E.S.T .

  • Why

    To promote, celebrate and enjoy healthy snacking To highlight availability of local produce all year round To use fruits and vegetables as the centerpiece for activities on cooking, nutrition, sustainability, community development and more!

  • Cost


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