Docurama - Trouble the Water

  • Date

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

  • What

    Docurama - Trouble the Water

  • Where

    Thornborough 1307

  • When

    7:00 p.m.

  • Why

    It's not about a hurricane. It's about America.

    Trouble The Water takes you inside Hurricane Katrina in a way never before seen on screen. It's a redemptive tale of two self-described street hustlers who become heroes-two unforgettable people who survive the storm and then seize a chance for a new beginning.

    The film opens the day before the storm makes landfall-twenty-four year old aspiring rap artist Kimberly Rivers Roberts is turning her new video camera on herself and her 9th Ward neighbors trapped in the city. "It's going to be a day to remember," Kim declares. With no means to leave the city and equipped with just a few supplies and her hi 8 camera, she and her husband Scott tape their harrowing ordeal as the storm rages, the nearby levee breaches, and floodwaters fill their home and their community.

    Seamlessly weaving 15 minutes of this home movie footage shot the day before and the day of the storm, with archival news segments and verite footage shot over two years, directors Tia Lessin and Carl Deal document a journey of remarkable people surviving not only failed levees, bungling bureaucrats and armed soldiers, but also their own past.

    Docurama is a documentary series co-sponsored by the McLaughlin Library and your Central Student Association. Most titles screened are from the McLaughlin Library Media Collection.

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