Kazoo! Festival 2010: Bruce Peninsula, Flowers of Hell & Katie Stelmanis

  • Date

    Friday, April 23, 2010

  • What

    Bruce Peninsula - Folk, Experimental, Soul - Dreamt up by Misha Bower and Matt Cully in the summer of 2006, Bruce Peninsula has slowly mutated, elaborating on the Alan Lomax archives that initially inspired them and taking a new turn every time a new member or instrument is added to the mix. Since their second show, Bruce Peninsula has ballooned out to include a large cast of hoot-and-hollerers. The band mutates often but the last couple of years has seen contributions from Neil Haverty, Andrew Barker, Steve McKay, Leon Taheny, Kari Peddle, Daniela Geshundheit, Katie Stelmanis, Caseey Mecija (Ohbijou) and Maya Postepski.

    Flowers of Hell - classical meets blues based music - "With half of us based in London and the rest of us in Toronto, the Flowers Of Hell are a trans-Atlantic rock orchestra made up of 16 or so experimental independent musicians. We mix orchestral and rock instrumentation while mainly creating wordless pieces that explore the meeting points of classical and blues-based music. Our name comes from the old blues ideal that the pleasure of the listener is born from the misery & toil of the musician.

    Our second album, Come Hell Or High Water is coming out in the US in June 2010. It took a full year of work and involved recording 30 musicians in over 40 sessions that we pulled together in London, Toronto, Prague, Detroit, & Abilene, Texas. A lot of the people on it have been members or sideplayers in acts vastly larger than us, including the Patti Smith Group, John Cale’s band, Spiritualized, Spacemen 3, British Sea Power, Bat For Lashes, Broken Social Scene, The Earlies, Guided By Voices, The Clientele, Primal Scream, Do Make Say Think, The Hidden Cameras, The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa, Tindersticks, The Early Years, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra amongst others. But we’re certainly no supergroup - we’re more of an amalgamation of sideplayers with a few mainmen brought in as guests."

    Katie Stelmanis - classically trained indie artist - Armed with a keyboard and backed by a wall of pre-assembled midi madness, Katie Stelmanis' music is endlessly evocative, with strong and scattered beats riding alongside dense synth melodies and vibrato-laden vocal swoops. On top of being a talented beat-maker, Stelmanis possesses one mean set of vocal chords, with a tone that falls somewhere between opera-house class and punk rock crass.


    Full Kazoo! Festival schedule at www.kazookazoo.ca

    Co presented by Kaleidoscope Promotions and the Central Students Association

  • Where

    Dublin Street United Church
    68 Suffolk St West (Suffolk & Dublin)

  • When

    7:30 door, show 8:00 sharp! - on sale at Ground Floor Music and CSA office

  • Cost

    $15 general, $13 U of G students

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