The Protozoans with Reversing Falls

  • Date

    Friday, August 20, 2010

  • What

    The Protozoans - Reade moved to Toronto from Winnipeg with his former band Tele. While building up his own repertoire of original songs, he played drums with Rock Plaza Central and Mary Margaret O'Hara as a touring musician. Jimmy Rose moved from St. John's with his band Coast Guard and has been plying his guitar talents with a host of artists including the alt-country outfit Jetset Motel. Simon Rogers, originally from Guelph, had been dabbling with obscurity as his alter-ego Wednesday Smith when Reade roped him into playing bass for his new power trio rock band.

    Inspired by early 90s college radio radio and hailing from thriving local music scenes across the country, each member brought their diverse influences into the music--Simon's love of Pixies met Jimmy's recollections of Pavement and melded with Reade's penchant for Dinosaur Jr., while all the members found common ground in a fascination with Sonic Youth.

    Reversing Falls from Montreal will open the show.

  • Where

    Jimmy Jazz
    52 Macdonell St

  • When

    11PM show

  • Cost

    No cover!!!!

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