Maylee Todd — Kazoo! Festival Preview

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    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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    Kazoo! is a Guelph based non-profit artist run organization interested in creating a fun and exciting space for live music and art in our community. Kazoo! festival is a five day arts festival happening April 13-17th.

    Meet quirky songstress, Maylee Todd, the multi-talented singer/songwriter with an appetite for obscure instruments. If you ask Maylee how she manages to play the Paraguayan harp as well as she does the guitar, she’ll tell you “anyone can do it.”

    Though she was a sucker for Hip-Hop and Brit-Rock as a youngster, when she hit her teens it was all about the Bossa-Jazz, an introduction she also owes to her father and his continuously played record collection.

    Back then she was crazy for Jose Feliciano and Gilberto Gil whose concerts she recalls perfectly, so it’s no surprise that today her own creations are an amalgamation of these influences, or ‘Bossa-meets-Funk-and-Indie’ as she calls it. Her band ‘Pegwee Power’ which started as a harp + looping station + vocals solo act, now consists of musicians Andrew Scott (horns /synth), Eric Woolston(double bass), and Chris Kettlewell (drums/vibraphone).

    You may be familiar with Maylee’s velvety vocals from the track ‘For What it’s Worth’ on the Telus commercial. And she’s also leant her voice to Toronto's Woodhands.

  • Where

    UC Courtyard

  • When

    Wednesday, March 30


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