Forrest City Lovers with The Crybreak

  • Date

    Thursday, February 23, 2012

  • What


    “Unheralded songsmith Kat Burns has composed her finest work in Forest City Lovers with the engagingly ambitious Carriage, which showcases her alluring voice and a fearless knack for emotive pop hooks. While colleagues like OhbijouBasia Bulat and the D'Urbervillesgarner a lot of attention, Burns has quietly established herself as an equally gifted and dynamic artist. In her own inimitable manner, she's a bold vocalist who comes across as endearingly playful and childlike (see "If I Were a Tree") even when delving into interpersonal affairs with candour .....There are many daring firsts for Forest City Lovers on Carriage, their most thoughtful and accomplished orchestral pop album yet.” Vish Khanna, Exclaim

  • Where

    Van Gogh's Ear

  • When

    Thursday, Feb 23

  • Cost

    tickets are $10 and available at venue

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