The Schomberg Fair w/Steve Parkinson & The Stony Lonesome

  • Date

    Friday, February 24, 2012

  • What

    Toronto trio The Schomberg Fair are playing Jimmy Jazz on February 24th

    The Shomberg Fair - Roots Rockin' Gospel Magic!  The band itself was born out of the near destruction of the musical ambitions of lead singer, guitarist/banjo and primary songwriter Matt Bahen. At 24, Bahen cut off all of the fingers from his left hand in a construction accident, and had them reattached. While recuperating, he reconnected with high school friend/ bassist Nathan Sidon and the two bonded over their mutual appreciation of pre-war blues. It was as Bahen regained movement in his digits that The Schomberg Fair was born!  With the addition of drummer Peter Garthside’s lonesome vocal harmonies and thunderous beat, the Schomberg Fair combine to create an electrifying musical inferno and an unforgettable Friday night!

    “It seems that every musician in Canada, no matter who they are, has a natural affinity for country music. It doesn’t matter if they’re a punk or a metal head, chances are at some point they’ll try on a cowboy hat, figuratively speaking. Steve Parkinson, former guitarist for K-W rock bands The Machines and The Candidates, has reached that point, and his new outfit, the Stony Lonesome features several other local scene notables who clearly have country in their blood. The quartet, rounded out by pedal steel guitarist Steve Wood, (The Stars Here) bassist Graeme Pautler, and Lucas Stagg Band drummer Chris Flannigan, has just released its first eight-song disc entitled Leaving My Key, and Parkinson is more excited about it than anything else he’s previously done.” Jason Schneider, Nightlife



  • Where

    Jimmy Jazz

  • When

    February 24th

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