Chocosol Chocolate

  • Date

    March 10 - 14

  • What

    The chocolate I sell is organic stone ground dark chocolate made in Toronto by a wonderful organization called Chocosol.
    I believe so completely in this chocolate and its ability to raise awareness for making a change in our food industry. Really, it's incredible. And, best of all, you know what you're about to eat (you can actually read and recognize all of the ingredients).
    Also! The chocolate is dairy, gluten, soy and nut free.
    The full size bars (which are huge) go for 10$ and half for 5$
    If you'd be interested in knowing more, ordering a bar, or even just sampling a piece, send me an email to coordinate a meeting time!

  • Where

    Everywhere on campus!

  • When

    Anytime between my classes and yours!

  • Why

    The aim is to raise awareness on the difference between real foods and processed sugar foods (in the form of chocolate). As well as to provide an environmentally friendly, nutritional food (chocolate) option to students.

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