The Giant's Garden

  • Date

    November 25 - December 11

  • What

    In the spirit of community, get your tickets to this collaborative production ~ The Giant's Garden

    The final 2016 show at Guelph Little Theatre is a theatre for young audiences and a musical called The Giant's Garden. The play is written by Toronto-based Canadian playwrights Peter Fenton and Scott White. The show is directed by D.J. Thomson and will have a 9-show run from November 25th until December 11th on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This run of the show mixes live actors with puppets including a larger than life Giant puppet based on Japanese Bunraku theatre. Other puppets are integrated into actor costumes and props.

    The Giant's Garden is a story of a magical garden. The season siblings, Summer and Winter, love to rest in the garden but Summer has been hogging it lately. The garden’s owner is a large, scary Giant that has a mean streak a mile wide and uses, “Grrr” and “Arrrgh” as his main form of discourse. This giant also HATES children and, predictably, children are hiding in the garden.

    This production has a strong emphasis on community, cooperation and friendship. The story is a tale of how cooperation and friendship rises above the trials to create a solution to the problem that involves a little bit of compromise from everyone involved. The musical numbers are arranged to emphasize the musical abilities of everyday people and the joy of shared musicianship. Even the puppets promote the sense of community as the puppets are manipulated by a cooperating team of actors.


    Tickets $12.00
    Box Office
    [email protected]

  • Where

    Guelph Little Theatre
    176 Morris Street
    Guelph, ON N1E 5M7

  • When

    Nov 25-Dec 11, 2016

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