Fuerza/Puwersa's (formerly Student Support for Migrant Workers) first organizing meeting

  • Date

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009

  • What

    FUERZA/PUWERSA (formerly Student Support for Migrant Workers) would like to invite those of you who are interested in getting together to begin discussion and work surrounding issues focusing on: immigrant and migrant rights, experiences of migration and displacement, Canadian policy affecting (im)migrants and other working class people, and, the struggles and organizing that are taking place in each of our's/many other peoples' places of origin.

    We really want to bring everyone's ideas together on how we can shed light on these issues both on campus and in broader Guelph, in ways that are innovative and which include mediums such as music, art, video and radio. We also believe our work needs to combat the racism and ignorance constructed and supported in 'mainstream culture'.

    If this sounds like something that any of you would be interested in getting involved with, please do join us for our first meeting to help get this off the ground.

    ** We have included a list at the bottom of this posting, of projects that we have on-the-go, and that we’d love as much people as possible to get involved in. Check the list out, and let us know if you are interested.

    Also, if other commitments make it hard to get involved in this project --there's no pressure. Even smaller scale involvement is definitely needed to get this project going-- however, if time is really an issue, feel free to email us back with the subject title of "put me on the updates list", and we will keep the emails to a minimum, only sending you updates on events/campaigns.

    As well, just to make it clear, though it is important to centralize the experiences of (im)migrants in our organizing, we strongly welcome the support and active membership of progressive Canadian-born allies. We also strongly acknowledge and promote everyone’s need take responsibility in the fact that we are all here on taken land, and support the struggle of the first peoples on "Canada".

    Below are a couple of projects in the works that we would love for you to get involved with:

    a) Monday October 19th- Documentary screening: We’ll be screening a documentary which looks at the experiences of Mexicans migrating without 'papers', to the United States. The film focuses on what motivates them, and the implications of migration on family matters. The director of the documentary is also going to come to speak about her film and about issues of migration particularly relating to the U.S. We would really like to develop additional ideas for this event, and try to come up with ways to broaden the discussion to include some issues of Canadian context migration, so lots of ideas and participation are needed.

    b) Saturday October 24th- Health and Human rights workshop for Filipina womyn who have come to southern Ontario, and, in particular, Guelph, from the Philippines as part of a Kanadian program that places them in live-in ‘nanny’ jobs. This workshop is a response to both a) the recognition that federal, provincial and local governments are not adequately supporting these womyn, and, b) their own interest of contributing to knowledge sharing and building. This workshop will take place in Guelph and will cover a range of issues such as 'know your rights', a local medicinal plant walk, yoga, and 'contextualizing migration: why we come'. Do come and help out at this event. We’re really gonna need help with this one.

    Hope to see many of you tomorrow, take care!

  • Where

    The Bullring. We’ll be outdoors by the picnic tables.

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