Smoke's Poutine World Poutine Eating Championship, with Guelph Rowing

  • Smoke's Poutinerie, Downtown Guelph, Ontario

    Smoke's Poutinerie, Downtown Guelph, Ontario

  • Date

    Saturday, October 13, 2012

  • What

    Rowers can eat. A lot. It's a fact.

    We've decided to take on this challenge and show everyone just how fast we can eat food - and poutine, at that!

    In order to do this we need YOUR help! The first challenge is to create as much online buzz about this event as possible (Facebook, local newspapers, campus newspapers, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, anything!). You can help by going to the Facebook event page linked below, clicking the join button and sharing the link via Facebook or twitter.


    If (when) we do win, 50 lucky students of those who have supported us AND attended the poutine eating event happening Saturday October 13th will get to join us at the Smoke's Poutine Party later this month! We will also have lots of fun giveaways for those attending (free poutine anyone?)

    We'll be updating the Facebook group with info as the event approaches to tell you how you can win free poutine and gear from Smoke's. So join up and stay tuned!

    For now: Invite friends, support us and share the link above!

    This is how CampusPerks describes it:

    "The event will be structured as a relay race where each team member will have to eat 1 regular size, arteries clogging poutine before tagging in the next teammate to do the same. The faster you eat, the more people you bring out to the event, the more PR and social coverage you get THE BETTER."

  • Where

    Smoke's Poutinerie in Downtown Guelph.

  • When

    Saturday October 13th, 2012. Eating contest to start at around 7 pm.

  • Why

    Fun prizes and Free Poutine!!

  • Cost


  • More information

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