Student Group Joins National Day for Reproductive Justice

This weekend, a group of University of Guelph students will be participating in the National Day for Reproductive Justice. Guelphites for Reproductive Rights, or “GRR”, is a student-led group run through the Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity (GRC-GED). The group is open to campus and community members within Guelph and beyond.

KOI Music Festival

This past weekend, KOI Music Festival celebrated its fifth year of showcasing a diverse range of musical talent from loads of emerging musical talent. KOI—Kitchener Ontario Independent Music Festival — brings independent and up-and-coming artists of…

Upcoming Donation Shave at Riverside Park

With the Fall By-Elections set for the first week of October, the time for This upcoming weekend on Saturday 27, two U of G undergraduate students, Caitlin Kinsella and Sonali Menezes will participate in the selfless act of head shaving to raise donations and awareness for those affected by childhood cancer. The event, organized by U of G student, Evan Bleakney will be held this upcoming Sunday at Riverside Park in Guelph from 10am-2pm

Canadian Literature Alive and Well

In the midst of September with midterm season approaching, students are once again climbing over one another ...

Guelph's First VegFest a Huge Success

The Guelph VegFest kicked off at 10am last Sunday at the Goldie Mill and Guelph Youth Concert Theatre. After an unsettling…

Welcome to Erthe

Through rumbling thunder and pouring rain, old glass doors, and smoke, lay the evidence of the parallel reality of Erthe. The art show at Zavitz, created by Tessa McDougall and Dylan Evans, resembled a beautifully curated history museum exhibit of an…

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