A True Spring Awakening

Over four months of preparation. A production entirely created by students; directed, produced and preformed. An average of twenty hours a week devoted to rehearsal, production management, fundraising initiatives, dance and vocal rehearsals. Over 60 hardworking students, who learned to juggle school, work and social commitments with CCP.

Reading Week Forever

In the midst of the February blahs— with snowy, sleety Guelph weather and midterms casting a dull grey proverbial cloud over University of Guelph students— comes a glimmer in the darkness.

Talking About Homelessness in the Guelph

Every year for the last ten years, students from the University of Alberta’s School of Business have organized, fundraised for, and executed a campaign to raise money and awareness for what they recognized as one of the most rapidly increasing issues in their city: homelessness.

Operators Open Up About All That is Good

With bands like Phantogram, Death From Above 1979 and Awolnation leading the way across Canada...

Involvement: When is Enough, Enough?

In the middle of a not-my-problem society, when does the fuzzy line between personal and public strife begin to resolve? It must…

Cake and Dirt and MacIvor

Canadian playwright and actor, Daniel MacIvor has managed to successfully make mud in the sandboxes of one percenters everywhere. If nothing else his new play makes fresh, comical jabs at the life of the bourgeoisie and political elite. This play is laid…

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