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Item(s) Category Price Condition Date Posted
parking spot Parking $20 – 50 New 17/Mar/2024
Parking spot available off gordon across from solstice 2 Parking $100 New 13/Mar/2024
Guelph Heritage Rugby Sweater Clothing & Accessories $70 New 7/Mar/2024
Discounted personal training sessions for W24 (Athletic Centre)! Sports & Recreation $75 New 1/Mar/2024
All wood table and chairs Furniture $300 New 28/Feb/2024
Parking spot Parking $50-100 New 1/Feb/2024
Parking Space Parking $75 – 100 New 31/Jan/2024
Engineering Tutoring Tutoring $40 New 24/Jan/2024
CHEM*1040 or BIOC*2580 Tutoring $25-35/hr New 16/Jan/2024
STEM Tutors Guelph Tutoring $30-60 New 15/Jan/2024
Driveway Parking Spot available (151 Clairfields Drive East) Parking $80/month New 14/Jan/2024
driveway Parking $75 New 11/Jan/2024
BIOC*2580 Tutoring Tutoring $25/hour New 11/Jan/2024
Chancellors Way parking spot Parking $100 New 10/Jan/2024
PHYS LAB KIT (1070/1080/1300) Everything Else $40 New 9/Jan/2024
Science/Math/Physics Tutor Tutoring $40 New 9/Jan/2024
Chem, Math, Stats, Physics, Bio, Engineering Tutor Tutoring $40 New 8/Jan/2024
Chem 1040 Tutoring $1 New 8/Jan/2024
Arts collections Arts and Crafts $10 New 1/Dec/2023
Many kitchen needs Home & Garden $2 New 1/Dec/2023
Double bed Furniture $300 New 1/Dec/2023
Double IKEA bed Furniture $280 New 1/Dec/2023
Experienced tutor and teacher for UoGuelph Chem, Calc, Comp Sci Tutoring $40 New 28/Sep/2023
Ab Doer Twist Sports & Recreation $100.00 New 20/Jun/2023
Total Gym Titanium Sports & Recreation $600.00 New 20/Jun/2023
High school and below mathematics tutoring available Tutoring $20 New 16/Apr/2023