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21/Sep/2022 Introduction to Molecular biology, cell biology and genetics
New in package
21/Sep/2022 Physics for the biological sciences
21/Sep/2022 General Chemistry
21/Sep/2022 Highschool math/physics + MATH1080/2080/2270 or PHYS 1070/1080
I am a recent graduate from the University of Guelph and have a bachelor's in science with a major in physics. …
20/Sep/2022 Physical Chemistry for the Biosciences (+ Problems & Solutions)
20/Sep/2022 House
Beautiful house like new condition. 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom. Second floor laundry.
20/Sep/2022 Shared House
I am Joshi. I recently graduated from UofG with a BSc in agriculture. I am currently working at Goodleaf farms. I love cooking and I am also a gay person who likes to hangout with friends often. I am…
20/Sep/2022 House
This clean, spacious and well managed property is a 5 bedroom and 2.5 bath. It's a 5 minute car ride or a 12 minute bus ride away from the University. It's conveniently located a 2 min walk away from…
20/Sep/2022 BIOL 1070 Discovering Biodiversity Seminar Manual
20/Sep/2022 Laboratory Manual CHEM 1040
20/Sep/2022 Technology in Action
In good condition
20/Sep/2022 General Chemistry
Perfect condition
20/Sep/2022 Introduction to Molecular Biology, Cell biology and Genetics
Perfect condition
20/Sep/2022 Physics: An Algebra-based Approach
Slightly used PHYS1300 textbook in good condition, I originally bought it for 85$! …
20/Sep/2022 Biophysics of Excitable Cells
Barely used PHYS2030 textbook in good condition! …
20/Sep/2022 An Introduction to Language
Used LING1000 textbook with empty student workbook included in good condition! …
20/Sep/2022 General Chemistry
Brand new, never used CHEM1040 textbook with answer manual included, both in great condition! …
20/Sep/2022 Biol1090 Textbook Looseleaf
New BIOM1090 looseleaf textbook with binder included, in great condition! …
20/Sep/2022 Neuroscience
Slightly used, I originally bought it from the co-op bookstore for 100 dollars! It's in great condition. …
20/Sep/2022 Parking at Goodwin Drive
One parking available for rent from October 1, 2022 to April 2023 at Trafalgar court apartment complex, Goodwin Drive. …
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