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Title Price Condition Program Course Code Date Posted
MGMT 3320 – Foundations of Financial Management $100 Used MGMT (Management) 3320 19/Mar/2024
ECON 1050 – Microeconomics: Canada in the Global Environment $70 Used ECON (Economics) 1050 19/Mar/2024
ECON 1050 – Dinner Party Economics $40 Used ECON (Economics) 1050 19/Mar/2024
ECON 1100 – Cocktail Party Economics $40 Used ECON (Economics) 1100 19/Mar/2024
Sources of Global History Since 1900 $120 New HIST (History) 1150 16/Mar/2024
The World Food Problem $50 Used FARE (Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics) 1300 15/Mar/2024
Epidemiology $55 Used POPM (Population Medicine) 3240 15/Mar/2024
Invitation to the Lifespan $60 New FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) 1010 12/Mar/2024
Themes in Roman Society and Culture: An Introduction to Ancient Rome $40 New CLAS (Classical Studies) 1000 12/Mar/2024
Introduction to Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Genetics $75 Used BIOL (Biology) 1090 11/Mar/2024
Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics $50 Used ENGG (Engineering) 1210 22/Jan/2024
General Chemistry and Solutions Manual $75 Used CHEM (Chemistry) 1050 22/Jan/2024
Heat and Mass Transfer: Fundamentals and Applications $65 Used ENGG (Engineering) 3430 22/Jan/2024
Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy $make offer New PHIL (Philosophy) 1010 22/Jan/2024
The Second Treatise of Civil Government $10 New PHIL (Philosophy) 1010 22/Jan/2024
Public Policy in Canada $make offer New POLS (Political Science) 2230 22/Jan/2024
Forensic Psychology $80 New PSYC (Psychology) 3020 22/Jan/2024
Canadian Law $60 New POLS (Political Science) 2350 22/Jan/2024
Personality Psychology $90 New PSYC (Psychology) 2740 22/Jan/2024
Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder $45 Used SOC (Sociology) 2760 22/Jan/2024
The Power of Critical Thinking $75 New PHIL (Philosophy) 2100 22/Jan/2024
Rural Communities $80 New CCJP (Canadian Criminal Justice) 22/Jan/2024
Deviant Behaviour $80 New SOC (Sociology) 22/Jan/2024
Crime in Canadian Context $45 New CCJP (Canadian Criminal Justice) 22/Jan/2024
Heat and Mass Transfer: Fundamentals and Applications 6th Edition $80 Used ENGG (Engineering) 3430 21/Jan/2024
Crime in Canadian Contex: Detbates and Controversies $65 New CCJP (Canadian Criminal Justice) 1500 20/Jan/2024
Principles of Geographical Information Systems $50 Used GEOG (Geography) 18/Jan/2024
Water Quality $50 Used ENGG (Engineering) 3590 18/Jan/2024
Water Resources Engineering $50 Used ENGG (Engineering) 18/Jan/2024
Mathematics for Economics $60 Used ECON (Economics) 2770 16/Jan/2024